Hampshire Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Inc.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Our goal is to provide each patient with an exceptional rehabilitation experience. Treatment is goal centered with the expectation that each patient will be fully involved in establishing his/her goals in the rehabilitation process. Our staff of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists, and certified hand therapists is focused on helping you return to a full active lifestyle.

Located conveniently in the same state of the art West Hatfield facility as the Hampshire Orthopedics medical staff we have unparalleled access to your physician, imaging studies and test results.

Physical Therapy Specialists

Dan Skowera, P.T.
Physical Therapy Co-director

Boston University. Dan is a licensed physical therapist who has practiced primarily in out-patient settings in Pioneer Valley since 1975.

Edward C. Palmer, P.T., M. Ed
Physical Therapy Co-director

Co-director of the physical therapy clinic. University of Pennsylvania. M. Ed in Rehabilitation Counseling from Springfield College.

Our physical therapy treatment goes beyond the scope of your specific injury. We work to achieve your goals - whether it's returning to your job, getting back on the playing field or simply taking a walk without pain.

Armed with this knowledge and a customized rehabilitation plan, we work with you every step of the way. It's this combination of clinical expertise and personalized care that achieves such great results for our patients.

Accepting Out of Practice Referrals

You do not have to be a current patient nor do you need to have had surgery from one of our doctors to receive physical therapy services at our facilities. We have many satisfied physical therapy patients who came to us from out of area practices and from other local practices.

Treatment Areas

Post-surgical Protocols and Rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation Videos

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Customized Rehabilitation

Back & neck pain
Sports injuries
Postsurgical recovery
Rotator cuff tears
On-the-job injuries/Workers' Comp.
Auto & personal injuries
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Shoulder & arm pain
Hip, knee & ankle injuries

Leading-edge Treatment Modalities

Exercise facilities for strengthening
Cervical & lumbar traction
TENS therapy for pain relief
Electrical muscle stimulation
Ultrasound to create healing warmth
Moist heat & cold therapies
Phonophoresis & iontophoresis
Strength testing
Cold Lazer & Infrared Light Therapy